To help you avoid confusion whilst you're trying to move, we've listed the six most important factors you need to monitor to keep your office move on schedule.

1. Timings


How long it takes to move office can depend on many different factors: office size, negotiations with landlords, work done by solicitors, office design, etc. Some office moves can take up to 12 months so a realistic expectation should be set from the start.

Meetings with solicitors or waiting for work to be done by the landlord can delay your plans. To avoid any delays, you should keep yourself organised for each step of your move. Create a timetable or a schedule and keep in contact with all the relevant people involved in the process. 

Tang Interiors can assist with providing a fully detailed step-by-step programme which would be very easy to follow.

2. Costs


Before starting out any move, it's important to try and prepare for the financial costs that will be involved. 

It’s also very important that the space you have chosen will suit your requirements. It may at this present time, but once in the space, you may find out very quickly that there isn’t enough room for that all-important expansion.

That’s where Tang Interiors can assist. We can provide a fully designed detailed drawing, showing your new layout with future expansion included.

There's the cost of the new workspace, you will need to put payment aside for a deposit and likely the first month's rent (unless you're buying). Then you need to pay for solicitor fees and for the entire moving process.

To avoid surprise costs, prepare in advance and do your research.

We can provide a detailed cost for all your new workspace as a turnkey project including new furniture if required. We can also cost for the moving of your existing furniture, so in effect once you have chosen the space you can leave the rest to us.

3. Site safety


In your new office space, you need to make sure all safety regulations are in place. It's against the law to not put up the regulatory health and safety signs in a business premise. 

Before your office is opened for business you need to put up a Fire Action notice that explains what to do in a case of emergency. You may be required to put emergency exit signs on additional routes out of the building. 

Putting up the correct signs doesn't take long but it's an important step you can't forget.

Tang Interiors can advise on all Health and Safety requirements for your new space

4. Employees


As you prepare to move offices you need to put time aside to speak to your employees and explain what will happen in the coming months. It's important all staff are notified of all changes that impact them. Moving office doesn't just affect you but it also affects your staff, especially if you're moving to a new location. 

Allocate time for your employees so they can ask you questions. Keep them regularly informed, especially if there are delays in the moving deadline. 

Employees want to be part of the process, if they feel ignored, you could end up upsetting them.

5. Branding & PR

Moving offices is big news - and you can't miss taking advantage of this opportunity to give your new workspace that necessary PR boost. 

If your new office is in a brand-new location, then this is the perfect chance to get new clients. Contact the newspapers or local radio to let people in the area know you're moving into the area. To keep your current customers involved, you should contact them once you have a moving date decided. 

6. Deadlines


This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the moving process. Keeping to a deadline can be difficult when you have so many tasks you're trying to manage, that's why you need to stay organised and keep in control. 

Give yourself deadlines for each task that is waiting to be completed. Keep in contact with any companies you're working with, working with multiple companies can get confusing and give you extra hard work.

That’s why you should be choosing Tang Interiors. There will be a dedicated project manager assigned to the project therefore giving you one point of contact. This then gives you the time to concentrate on your business, just leave us to do what we do best!

Moving offices can be a long process so it's easy to forget or keep to your plans when you're trying to juggle other jobs as well. If you plan, you can actually enjoy the moving process.

Remember you're moving to a new workspace: this is an exciting time, a fresh start and new opportunities for your business.